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HR 676 - Health Care Locally

 Pass HR 676! Make health care a human right!

 Single-Payer Health Care (HR 676) Resolution (5-08-09)

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IBEW Local 725 supports HR 676 - Workers, our families and our unions are waging a difficult struggle to win or to keep good health care coverage. There is a better way. Congressman John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI) has introduced HR 676, national single payer legislation.   

New to Single Payer?

The single-payer financing in HR 676 saves the money to improve coverage for all of us as we expand care to those who have been left out. The bill restores free choice of physicians to patients. HR 676 would cover every person in the U. S. for all necessary medical care including prescription drugs and dental.

HR 676 ends deductibles and co-payments and saves hundreds of billions by eliminating the private health insurance industry with its high overhead and profits.

We are proud to support HR 676.  Thanks to all of the members who voted in support of this much needed bill!

View the News Release and Resolution.

Unions for Single Payer Health Care 

 For more information, visit these sites:     



  • PNHP: Physicians for a National Health Program
         The best source of information on single payer healthcare and HR 676.
  • John Conyers' Single Payer Health Care site
  • Hoosiers For A Common Sense Health Plan
  • Illinois Single Payer Coalition
  • Unions For Single Payer
  • Labor For Single Payer




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